Pupil Statements

Emma: I love Dania because we learn in English and Danish, we also study French. All of the teachers are nice and they are fun to be with. The playground is excellent and we are allowed to learn outdoors.

Sigrid: I love Dania because it’s like Denmark, but with more lessons in English. I really love the teachers and the playground. The School is cosy because we are a small School.

Ella: I love Dania because we have the best teachers, the best School and the best playground. My teachers challenge me in English, Maths and Danish and I am lucky to speak and write both languages fluently.


Parents Statement

Jonathan Cronin, Father at Daniaschool, (2017)
Our daughter started in year 5 at Dania school in September and quickly felt at home. The small class size has meant she’s had a lot more attention and has progressed in Maths and English very quickly,  and has also made some great new friends. We’ve all been very happy with the move to Dania and are very glad that we’ve joined the Dania community.

Peter Bruun, father of Maya, 9 yrs old (2015):
“In deciding to move your family to a new country, obviously the most important factors to consider as a parent, are your child’s, or children’s, education and emotional wellbeing. At Dania we have found a professional, creative and ambitious learning environment, coupled with lots of outdoor play time and exercise. 

The dedicated and incredibly attentive and caring staff have made our daughters transition painless. 

Almost most importantly, have they successfully managed to make breaking the language barrier a fun challenge as opposed to an overwhelming obstacle.”

Anette Roger Nielsen, mother of Mille (2015):
“We are a Danish/English family of 4 and our children are aged 3 and 8. Although I have lived in London for most of my adult life I was still uncomfortable with sending my then 4 year old daughter to school. Of course we didn’t have much of a choice and enrolled her in a small independent school. The school was very academic – a word I don’t really want to associate with a 4 year old child. There was homework from day one and mounting pressure for the children to do well in order for them to take the 7+ exam at age 6 and the 11+ exam at age 10.

My husband and I couldn’t believe our luck when we read an article in the Danish Church newsletter about the budding start-up of a Danish/English school in London. We immediately made contact with Mike and Eva and Papesch and we were thrilled when our daughter started year 2, aged 6, at Dania School with 5 other children.

Dania school vision is to incorporate and merge the best of the English and Danish school systems. For a family, like ours, that live permanently in the UK it is essential that the UK curriculum is followed and that the academic side is not compromised, but taught in a more child centred way. Our daughter has thrived at Dania School and is making excellent progress.

The school has rapidly grown and our 3 year old son started Dania pre-school this September and has already started to speak more Danish. We are confident that he will smoothly transition into Reception next year.


Teachers statement

Jozef (Maths/Science Teacher)
I think for the staff and for our children, Dania school is a very unique learning place, where we all focus on each child’s individual abilities and potential. We use an individual approach to teach children to use their knowledge and personal skills in daily life.

Christina (Danish Teacher)
They say that our creativity dies with our childhood. Creativity and innovation is our future. Confidence and happiness are key features at Dania School. Our smaller school environment is caring and nurturing for our pupils. Dania is an opportunity to explore and develop the child’s best version of herself. We create human beings

Trustee Statement

Peter Melbye: Vice President Enterprise Architecture at Pearson plc
The community of families around Dania is a real inspiration and a key reason I chose to involve myself in the school. It is rare to see parents so actively engaged in their children education. They along with our teachers have a strong belief that social, emotional and creative development are critical foundations for a child’s intellectual and academic progress. This emphasis distinguishes Dania from most other schools. In this context it is a real privilege to be given the opportunity to influence the school’s growth and development

Founder Statement

Eva Papesch: Founder and Proprietor
We decided to Start Dania School, to create a school in London based on Scandinavian values, striving to educate children to become highly academic self-directed, thinking and inquisitive learners prepared for life and employment in the 21st century. We wanted to create a school that contrasts the more traditional English School. We are teaching Danish speaking children living in or moving to London, the high level English curriculum adapted to include Danish language and culture.

Statement from The Danish Ambassador, Claus Grube

“The Royal Danish Embassy finds it very positive that Dania School has given (these) families an opportunity to select a Danish education without deselecting a British”