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Absences and Illness

Parents planning to excuse their children are required to seek permission in advance for their child to be excused. If this procedure is not followed this is classed as unauthorised absence which is deemed as an act of truancy by the authorities.

  • When a child has been absent for any reason, please send in an email or phone to explaining  the reason for absence on the day that your child returns to school.
  • Contact the office by email on [email protected] before 8:45 in the case of sickness, otherwise please leave message throughout the day.
  • Please let us know also if your child has contacted an infectious illness e.g. mumps, chicken pox or nits so that we can inform the other children in their class.
  • If your child has vomited overnight or has diarrhoea/temperature, please do not bring them in to school the next day.
  • There should be a clear 24 hours since the last incident of vomiting or diarrhoea. In some cases this may mean staying away for two days since the all clear.

Anti-bullying Policy See website

Complaints Policy See website


School assemblies are held on a regular basis.


Any money brought to the school in the form of cash must be put in a named and sealed envelope and handed in to a member of staff.


  1. Emergency contact numbers and email: please make sure that these are up-to-date and advise the school of any changes it is essential that we have a letter listing arrangements made by parents when are they are away from home or out of the country.
  2. School Entrance: a member of staff is available at the start of the day to take any letters and deal with simple queries, please make a formal appointment for any detailed discussion about your child during Parent Teacher meetings.
  3. Communication from the school: Parents will receive Newsletter via email


These are publicised in the newsletters. Parents are given as much notice as possible in order to be able to attend these and support their children. Annual events include, nativities, concerts, sports day, and performances

Extended Day Care

This takes place each day after school from 3.30 -6.00. for an additional charge. The children participate in a variety of activities involving the creative arts, outdoor and indoor play. In the first year this service will be provided as a service according to needs and be priced to cover all costs. Children will be signed up for a full term.


These are payable by the 20th of the previous term. A full term’s notice is required for children leaving Dania School, in accordance with Dania School terms and conditions document. Monthly Direct Debit is also available

Fire Drill

Practices are carried out on a termly basis.

Facebook  Dania Parents

In a closed group on Facebook you can be updated with daily things happening at school. This group is only for parents and not teachers.


Wherever possible these should be taken during the designated school holiday periods. It is important that children are not taken out of school during term time as this interferes with school work. School term dates can be found on the website.


Homework is kept to a minimum, but please support your children with this and help them to see that it is an important part of their learning.


  • Please make sure your child is as independent as possible. Teach them to use the toilet, flush and then wash their hands as a priority.
  • They need to change for PE twice a week so please encourage them to get themselves dressed and undressed each day/night.
  • Please also teach them to use any zips/buttons that they might have on their coats.
  • Infant children should not have lace-up shoes.
  • Try to limit after school activities in the early days until they get used to their new pace of life!

Lost Property

All items of clothing/equipment should be clearly named. When lost property is found, this is collected and returned to the child, if named. All unnamed and unclaimed uniform will go into the second hand uniform sales. Other unclaimed property is disposed of at the end of each term.


Each child should bring in a piece of fruit or healthy snack, for snack time. Please firstly make sure that it is one that they like, and then help them to learn how to peel it if necessary e.g. bananas, oranges, etc. For lunch, please see Food policy.

Medical information

  • Allergies & Medical Conditions – details of any allergies or medical conditions should be filled in on the Parental/Carer Contact, Emergency Contact and Medical Information form. Please keep the school updated should your child’s medical condition change in any way, severe allergy sufferers must store an epi-pen in school, qualified first aid staff are trained in their use
  • Asthma – asthmatic children must bring an inhaler into school which will be kept in their classroom at all times
  • First aid – in the event of an injury or where illness is suspected, a qualified first aider is called and the appropriate action taken
  • Head lice – in case of a live infestation being discovered by the school the parent is asked to collect their child for immediate treatment, headlice should be treated at home with medication, should a parent discover headlice, please could they inform the school so that we can notify the other parents in the same class. Parents are advised that regular combing of hair after washing with a special nit comb is effective as a preventative measure
  • Infectious conditions – the school should be informed of all incidents and the child should be kept at home until they are no longer contagious
  • Immunisations – the school expects that parents have complied with UK medical recommendations. For the most up-to-date immunisation advice, check on
  • Medicines No medicines may be brought into school (apart from inhalers and epipens). Parents should make arrangements with their doctor to prescribe medicines that can be given before and after school. Where this is absolutely unavoidable, parents may come into school to administer the medicine themselves. Any child well enough to be in school is expected to fully take part in the school curriculum, including going out to play and joining in PE lessons (including swimming) unless they have a doctor’s note indicating otherwise.

Parents are responsible for all medication being kept up to date.


The children visit a variety of places of interest, often linked to their school topics. Parents will be informed about such visits by letter which will give specific details regarding transport, cost and appropriate clothing. The member of staff organising the outing will have visited the site and completed a risk assessment prior to the trip to ensure the enjoyment and safety of the children. Parents are sometimes invited to volunteer to accompany these trips to ensure an adequate adult/pupil ratio.  

Parents Meetings

At the start of each autumn term, parents are invited to come in and meet with their child’s teachers to learn about the year’s curriculum. This is also a social occasion run by the Friends of Dania.  In the autumn and spring terms parents meetings are held in the second half of term to discuss each child’s progress. Written reports are sent out at the end of the summer term. Any questions or concerns should be discussed at a formal meeting with the child’s teacher. Please book in advance.


According to Health and Safety guidelines, they are not permitted on the premises, unless for educational purposes in which case, permission must be sought.


Individual, school and class photographs are taken on an annual basis. Photographs of children at work and play are displayed around the school.

Pick up

We will not release your child to anyone other than those about which we have had formal prior notification. Please let us know in writing or at the beginning of the day if your child is to be collected by someone who we have not met before. This must be accompanied by a photo of this person.


The following policies can be downloaded from the school website

admissions, safeguarding children, discipline and exclusion (behaviour), educational needs, pupils with statements and English as an Additional Language, curriculum, anti-bullying, educational visits and complaints.

School Day

Doors open from 8:30 for 9:00 start and the day ends at 3:30. Please try not to be late at the start or end of the day as it is very disruptive and upsetting for both the children and the staff.


No medicines may be brought into school. Parents should make arrangements with their doctor to prescribe medicines that can be given before and after school. Where this is absolutely unavoidable, parents may come into school to administer the medicine themselves. Any child well enough to be in school is expected to fully take part in the school curriculum, including going out to play and joining in PE lessons (including swimming) unless they have a doctor’s note indicating otherwise.


Children regularly participate in sporting activities and are encouraged to see physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year, they learn skills to enable them to participate in all the  main sports. PE kit should be brought into school or the children can arrive in sport clothes from the morning.


To be brought to school only when relevant to a project or show and tell (for infants). Toys can become lost/broken if the class teacher is unaware of their presence. Any items of value should be given immediately to a member of staff. The school is unable to take liability for damage/breakages to any items.

Weapons/knives of any kind are not allowed in school.


A variety of visitors come to the school throughout the year; sometimes these are for individual classes, and sometimes for the whole school.