Giving Opportunities

Dania Scandinavian School is a registered charity and is extremely grateful for the generous support of its sponsors and volunteers.

Donations sought

Project: Move to New Location

We aim to raise £120k in monetary donations, services or goods in-kind for:

  • The interior fit-out of our new location
  • Removal services
Donations pledged to date:
  • A qualified architect is volunteering pro-bono
  • £30k in cash donations
Project: Seed funding for online Danish language school

To extend the reach of the school to Danish families living beyond our local catchment area, we aim to raise £30k in monetary donations for the development of an online Danish language curriculum as well as market research and promotion of the offering to Danish families across the UK.

Donations pledged to date: £5,000

To discuss donations, please contact Peter Melbye, [email protected]

Ways To Volunteer

Dania is also grateful for donations of time, expertise and materials, such as:

Flyer Campaign for the Opening of our Preschool at New Location (OPEN):

Volunteers are needed to distribute flyers to advertise the opening of Dania’s preschool at 3 Highbury Crescent in September 2021.

Move of Preschool to New Location (OPEN):

Volunteers to help pack and unpack boxes for our planned move of the preschool to 3 Highbury Crescent in early September 2021.

Press Campaign Leading up to Official Opening of Dania School (OPEN):

We need a PR professional to prepare a press pack for a PR campaign leading up to the official opening of Dania at its new location end of October 2021.

Move of Primary School to New Location (OPEN):

Volunteers to help pack and unpack boxes for our planned move of the primary school to 3 Highbury Crescent during the October 2021 half-term.

Preschool Play Are at New Location (CLOSED):

We need a volunteer to lead the design and construction of a preschool play area in front of 3 Highbury Crescent in time for our move of the preschool in early September 2021.

Architectural Plans for Fit-Out of New Location (CLOSED):

We seek a pro-bono architect to help design and draft architectural plans for our new location. These will be used for our planning application as well as our fit-out plans.

Legal Agreement for Loan Offered by Private Lender (CLOSED):

We seek a pro-bono lawyer to draft a legal agreement for financing offered to the school by a private lender.