I’m not Danish!

That’s OK!  We are a visionary school combining British and Scandinavian methods in our teaching. While Dania was founded by Danish parents and attracted many families with strong Danish connections, the school has grown to include a diverse set of families who share a unique vision for their children’s education.

I am Danish!

We teach Danish on a daily basis alongside implementing the framework of the Danish Goals of Purpose and we follow an adapted version of the learning goals for Danish language as a first language.

We have recently added native Swedish speakers to our staff and offer Swedish lessons along side Danish. Older non-Danish speaking children may be offered additional lessons in English or maths. Danish is also taught as a second language.

What are the school hours?

Primary school hours are Monday to Friday 9:00-15:00.

Drop-off between is between 8:30 to 9:00 at the school and pick-up from Paradise Park Playground between 15:00 and 15:30, unless children attend our After School Club.

Are parents and caregivers allowed in the school?

Yes! We welcome parents or other caregivers to assist children with sorting their belongings and transitioning into the formal morning activities.

Will my child make the same progress as their peers in England?

Yes. The teachers also maintain an individual tracking system so the children remain challenged. Dania School recognizes that a child’s  social and emotional development is also vital to their academic success.

What type of teaching style do you use?

We prepare the environment to suit the children’s learning needs and with shorter, focused small-group lessons combined with larger projects that force students to apply their new skills to solving-problems and collaboration.

We teach children how to be a member of their community through freedom and responsibility. We focus heavily on giving the children the ownership when resolving conflict.

Is Dania School accredited?

Yes! As of May 2017, Dania is a fully accredited member of the Independent School Association and are inspected on an annual basis.

How is your school funded?

Through tuition fees and private donations. We do not receive any funding from the British or the Danish Governments.

Dania School is a charity, what does that mean?

Dania School is a registered Charity, with the charity commission, Charity Number 1153166.

This means we have charitably aims for education, including putting 10% of our surplus towards fee bursaries for children of low-income families. Personal application must be made to the board, which will consider each application carefully. All donations made to the school are entitled to gift aid and the person making the donation is entitled to tax relief on the full amount donated, if paying income tax in the UK. Please ask in the office for more details.