Dania School Data Protection Policy

Created: June 2013

Reviewed & approved by Board: 26th April 2018

Next Review: April 2019


Schools are “Data Controllers” under the Data Protection Act 1998


Data Controller for Dania School: Alex Khan: Trustee


1               Dania School incorporates the guidance outlined in the Report on Data Protection Guidance                   given to schools by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in 2012[i]


2               Dania School recognises

  1. the importance of notifying the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) accurately of the purposes of processing of personal data
  2. the need to handle personal information in line with the data protection principles
  3. it must let pupils and staff know what is done with the personal information stored about them
  4. the importance of restricting access to personal information to those who need it


3               Dania School must keep confidential information secure when storing it, using it and sharing it              with others


4               When disposing of records and equipment, Dania School will make sure personal information                cannot be retrieved from them


5               Dania School policies will have clear, practical policies and procedures on information              governance for staff and governors to follow, and monitor their operation


6               Dania School will recognise, log and monitor subject access requests


7               Dania School staff will be sure they are allowed to share information with others and make sure           it is kept secure when shared.


8               Dania School will control access to websites, including any restricted area.


9               Dania School will make sure it is allowed to publish any personal information (including images)           on its website.


10            Dania School will inform Parents, Pupils and Staff of and CCTV use, what it is used for and          review retention periods



11            If photographs taken at Dania School are intended for publication, this will be noted in our fair               processing/privacy policy


12            Dania School will recognise when others are processing personal information for Dania School.             As such, Dania will make sure they do it securely.


13            Dania School will train staff and governors in the basics of information governance; recognising where the law and good practice need to be considered; and know where to turn to for further advice.


14            Dania School recognises the principles of Freedom of Information (FOI). After consultation,      Dania will notify staff what personal information we would provide about them when answering    FOI requests.


Equal Opportunities

At Dania School we also recognise the importance of the Equality Act 2010. This replaced and unified all existing equality legislation such as the Race Relations Act, Disability Discrimination Act and Sex Discrimination Act. It aims to ensure that all people (pupils/teachers/parents/family/visitors etc) have equality of opportunity in accessing and experiencing the life of the school. When carrying out our day to day work, we should have regard to the following:

  • eliminating discrimination
  • advancing equality of opportunity
  • foster good relations across all people, whatever their characteristics may be


Written by Mike Papesch: Trustee October 2014

Reviewed John Newman January 2018



1               http://www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/sector_guides/education

2               Legislation: The Data Protection Act 1998 (with consideration to the eight data protection      principles appearing in Schedule 1).

3               http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/29/contents



This policy was adopted on Signed on behalf of Dania School Date for review
26/04/17   April 2018


[i] http://www.ico.org.uk/for_organisations/sector_guides/~/media/documents/library/Data_Protection/Research_and_reports/report_dp_guidance_for_schools.ashx