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Monitoring Students’ Progress at Dania

Dania Scandinavian School

“How’s our Sophie doing?” “Is Billy making progress?” “Are they where you’d expect them to be?” “What can we do to help them improve?” These are some of the primary concerns experienced by parents when they leave their children at the school gates. After all, their children come to school to gain an education. So… Read more »

How Does Dania Motivate Students?

Dania Scandinavian School

Apathy. Laziness. A lack of drive, determination and ambition. Kids today. Or at least, that’s how many would choose to characterise them. Impossible to motivate. Disinterested. Completely lost in their own little digital worlds, where they seek constant approval, affirmation and validation from their peers. It’s a tough old world for kids today. So, how… Read more »

What Is the Scandinavian Teaching Style?

Dania Scandinavian School

The Scandinavian teaching style is revered worldwide. Of course it is. Nordic countries find themselves consistently within the top 10 countries for educational quality. But what sets them apart from the rest of the world in terms of educational provision? What is the Scandinavian teaching style? It’s up for Discussion Is there such a thing… Read more »