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Turning work into play and making learning fun. Without them, Dania wouldn’t be such a blissful and thriving community of creative explorers and lifelong learners.

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Christina Bek Larsen

Head Teacher

Christina moved to London and first joined Dania Scandinavian School as a Danish Language Teacher in 2014. Dania had been established a year earlier and was exactly what Christina was looking for in her career – a small, familiar and progressive school with great possibilities, openness to other models of teaching, freedoms to incorporate these approaches and visions for growth.

Since 2018 Christina has been the headteacher at Dania Scandinavian School. Her four years in the school prior to this prepared her well for the opportunities and challenges of this role. For Christina, the ultimate goal for her is to continuously improve the school based on the values of a happy childhood and learning for life.

Christina completed a five-year University education degree in 2012 majoring in early years education, with focuses including bilingualism; literature and family and health education. She worked as a primary school teacher in Denmark prior to her move to the UK.

For Christina, the most important aspect of childhood is a grounded, secure, holistic and stable general education with a focus on contributing to the formation of ideal well-rounded members of society, not just great mathematicians or scientists.

“We incorporate play and outdoor time. We prioritise a student’s own idea and their own way of thinking about education”. This is part of the special nature of Dania.

Katie Howard

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Initially, I trained as a physiotherapist and worked for many years in the private and NHS sectors as well as volunteering in Malawi, Africa. It was there that my passion for education compelled me to make the transition into teaching. I undertook my U.K. teaching qualification whilst gaining valuable experience within international schools within Malawi. The pandemic brought me back to the U.K. within a primary academy setting which has had its challenges, but from challenges we grow!

Dania school suits my style of teaching and theories of good education so well, enabling children through discovery and therefore engaging children and instilling that passion and thirst for knowledge that drives good outcomes for all children. As well as the focus on the whole child and the wider social community within which we reside, fostering a genuine care for the world around us and gives a much deeper global perspective.

“Education to me is the good childhood mixed with usable knowledge. The skill to find out yourself and pass on that knowledge to others”.

Johanne Boldt Beeltah

Early Years Teacher
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As a trained Early Years teacher in Denmark, Johanne has plenty of experience in creating a creative, supportive and healthy education for the youngest children, also know as Dania Preschool.

Johanne has a particular passion for outdoor learning and her “green fingers” comes into use all year round at our very own Adventure Playground where Johanne grows many different types of plants, flowers and vegetables with the children.

Johanne is our key teacher in Early Years (preschool).

“It’s important to co-exist with the children. We don’t tell them what to do, we simply show them by participating in their daily activities alongside them – on the same level. If we have to clean the garden furniture, or remove the weeds, then we do that and the children join in naturally”.

Tanja Murphy

Office Manager
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Tanja is our very own office manager. She mostly deals with admissions and other administrative tasks, and she will be the first person you speak to when you contact the school office for school tours or admission.

Tanja is local to Islington, but has roots in Scandinavia, she has children of her own who loves to visit and help out at events such as our annual Spring Fayre.

You can reach Tanja on 07934451148 or on
[email protected]

“It was so important to me to be part of a local institution and it is important to me to work with children. Dania’s values are very similar to my own family values”.

Peter Melbye

Chair of Governors

Peter is a technology leader with a career history of working in Education. As Vice President of Technology Architecture at Pearson, Peter worked with ministries of education across the world to design, develop and implement digital learning solutions in schools and higher education institutes. Peter is the present Chair of Governors and has been a Trustee of Dania Scandinavian School since 2016.