At Dania we want prices to be affordable whilst ensuring your child gets the best possible education. Our fees for 2018 are:

  • Primary School: £2,997 per term
  • Preschool: £3,878 per term

As the UK work day does not run from 9am to 4pm, we offer a number of After School and Summer Holiday Clubs to care for your children outside school hours. The Preschool is open from 8.15- 5.45, 48 weeks a year.


Dania School offers a bursary scheme to parents, which are allocated according to need. Dania School will allocate 10% of its surplus to bursaries. We are also actively seeking financial support from private and corporate sponsors. An application can be made in writing, at any time, to the Board of Governors at Dania School, stating the reasons why a bursary is needed and documentation of income.