Birthday Policy

We have created a few guidelines to ensure your child has a positive experience on their birthday. Please familiarize the following points to ensure a smooth birthday. Thank you.

Birthday Circle:

On the day of your child’s birthday, you are invited to their celebration in class which will be from 9:00-9:15am. Please bring photos of your child from birth until their age, a book to donate to the school and a mini treat to eat.

One gift policy:

We have decided that each child will receive one gift. The gift amount should be £25 or less. Please make sure you email your childs wishlist to their friend a few weeks before their birthday. They can open the gift in school, if they wish.

2013-2014 rotation of gifts:

Ella buys a present for WIllas before 28th of October
Willas buys a present for Josephine before 11th of February
Josephine buys a present for Simon before 15th of February
Simon buys a present for Kalle before 25th of March
Kalle buys a present for Mille before 7th of April
Mille buys a present for Ella before the last day of school.

Thank you,
Dania School