The Board of Governors

Peter Melbye has been a member of the Dania Board since early 2014 and is Chair of the board as well as a trustee of the school.Aside from chairing the board Peter leads on legal matters and financial management.

Peter works with Dania because he believes more schools are needed where the focus is on holistic child development and children are encouraged to be responsible individuals who understand the value of collaboration.

Peter has over 25 years experience in technology leadership at global media companies. Since 2007,  Peter has worked for Pearson, which is the world largest provider of educational solutions. In his role Peter works with schools, universities and government across the world to design and implement innovative technology solutions that accelerate and track educational outcomes as well as makes learning more interactive and engaging.

Peter has been a member of the church since 2011  He has been a member and a volunteer teacher at the Danish Church Saturday School where around 130 children and adults enrol annually to learn Danish.

Sandy Mathewson was previosly Head Teacher of Dania School until July 2017. He is now Deputy Chair and a trustee and works alongside the new Head Teacher on learning, teaching and compliance matters.
Sandy is now Head of the Preparatory School at The Glasgow Academy, but continues to work with Dania because he believes in the holistic development of the child; indeed, Dania is a place that nurtures its pupils so that they can become confident, independent, responsible and resilient.
Sandy is also on the advisory board for CEM at Durham University.



Christopher Seidenfaden. Christopher brings a wealth of business experience to our board. He is

  • Director of Mediobanca, a leading Italian investment bank.
  • Director of Skandium Ltd, a UK-based company which aims is to be the best retailer of the best of Scandinavian design & furniture.
  • Chairman of Rise Bryggeri-Aeroe Brewery based on the island of Ærø, Denmark.


Jeanette Steinbeck, Educational background in KS 1 & 2 and researcher
There has been a lot of changes in technology, attitude towards the level of education needed, laws that changes with new governments, guidelines and expectations of children’s capability.
With the United Kingdom in the last few years looking towards the Scandinavian educational system, danish design and new innovations. I have found my knowledge and education to be of a great benefit to me since moving here in 2009.
As a professional, engaged and enthusiastic woman I believe in women’s rights and The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
I am reflective in my approach to work. I evaluate it to insure improvements and to assess the impact so far. A project is the job description not the hours spent.
I have become very I.T. literate and able to manage my time. I am honest, direct and pride myself on being a great listener by engaging meta-communication skills to insure that I fully understand the tasks at hand.
Whilst working as a manager at a nursery, I brought in a new way of observing children day to day that helped the work force, parents and the children. I also have worked on committees over the years where I have instrumental in restructuring processes to facilitate councils and governing bodies within our financial borders.
Alex(ander) Kahn, Co-Founder/Trustee since the founding of the school. Alex has been working for Dania since day 1 with the original founders team and works behind the scenes these days mostly on marketing and maintaining the website(s). Not as active in the day to day management as he once was, as he is based abroad (Spain and Ireland currently), but still engaged with board meetings and event planning.
More commonly know as the ‘Chief Squirrel” around Europe, Alex specialises in Digital Innovation and Leadership and has been running digital companies for 10+ years and currently runs a number of companies whilst traveling extensively. Numerous public speaking events annually and has recently won the best tech speech in Switzerland for innovation in 2016. In his current role Alex runs an Innovation and Marketing team for the UK & Ireland markets for one of the bigger betting companies in Ireland. Alex is part of Dania as he believes that Technology has to play a larger part in education than when he was educated and that programming and ‘languages’ (think Java, PHP, C++ and not necessarily Swedish, Danish, English or Norwegian) as quintessential for future proofing education as the computer revolution truly begins.
Alex is involved in a number of startup companies and describes himself as a ‘sometime investor, traveler and enjoy’er of life’. Alex speaks Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English to a professional level as well as Python, Pascal, HTML and some PHP.