To create a unique and dedicated learning environment, seeking to address the circumstantial challenges of being bilingual and bicultural in a British multicultural society.

We utilise the best practice from Scandinavian teaching to ensure our pupils achieve learning goals in both the Danish and English curriculums, ensuring that they go into further education fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

All of our pupils receive daily English and Danish lessons; English is used in most of our teaching, however, Danish is spoken during Danish and Music lessons.

Play times are when our pupils play in our amazing adventure playground; resilience, team work and active learning flourish in this unique environment. When in the playground our pupils are encouraged to converse in both languages and this is when the benefits of a bilingual education are most apparent.

Our playground also plays an important role in our pupils’ education; lessons can be outdoors so that our pupils have the opportunity to utilise newly acquired skills, as well as having the opportunity to be creative and inquisitive.

Our goal is to inspire our children to be active, confident, responsible and successful individuals. By having mixed age groups, our older pupils are role models for our younger pupils – this encourages responsibility, collaboration and ownership, as well as contributing towards social and emotional development.

Dania is a warm, welcoming, inclusive and supportive community and we hope to welcome you to our School.